The Phoropter Shield Poly Plastic Each

  • A rigid, yet flexible, 30mil polycarbonate composition allows for easy installation and removal for cleaning. (Polycarbonate can be cleaned with most disinfectants, as well as warm soap and water, to sanitize between patients. This breath barrier will last for years).
  • This innovative tool was designed to easily slip onto most AO style phoropters, creating an additional breath barrier between doctor and patient, while not interfering with the use of the phoropter, or touching the nose of the patient, even when the PD is adjusted.
  • This patent-pending design features special contours that cover the gap between the two sides of the phoropter without covering the oculars or interfering with the use of cylinder knobs, JCC units, or Risley units.
  • Made in the USA by Bernell Corporation.