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Anti-Fog Wipes Dispensing Program

Enroll in Hilco Vision’s Anti-Fog Wipes Sampling Program and Drive Incremental Revenue to your Practice

Help your patients enhance their frame selection journey by offering OptiPlus+ Anti-Fog wipes. Designed not only to clean lenses and apply an anti-fog treatment, but also to keep frames looking their best.
grouping of opti plus anti fog products

Anti-Fog Lens Wipes

Easy refills with each reorder. Samples and retail product bundled with each display.
  • Works with all lens types, including AR coated lenses!
  • A necessity for occupational safety, sports eyewear, healthcare goggles and shields.
  • Specifically designed for use with anti-reflective coated lenses
  • Safe and effective for all lens materials and coatings
  • 3rd party tested and awarded COLTS Performance Seal
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3 Easy Steps to Make the Optiplus Anti-Fog Dispensing Tower Work for You!



Choose from 1 of 4 Messages to Promote the Program, Encouraging your Patient to Clean and Apply Anti-Fog to their Eyewear.