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Your Premier Distributor of Ophthalmic Pharmaceuticals and Products

ECC joins Hilco Vision to Deliver Excellence in Eye Care

At Hilco Vision, we pride ourselves on being a leading distributor of high-quality ophthalmic pharmaceuticals and products. By collaborating with industry leading brands, we ensure that eye care professionals receive only the best for their patients and practices.

Shop from brands like Bausch & Lomb, Optego, Volk, Reichert and more!

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Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

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(800) 486-6169

Why Choose Hilco Vision?

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Vast Product Range

Access to a diverse portfolio of products catering to various needs of eye care professionals

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Trusted Partnerships

We only partner with brands that share our commitment to quality and innovation.

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Wholesale Advantage

Competitive pricing and bulk purchase options for clinics, hospitals, and retailers.

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Dedicated Support

Our team is always ready to assist with product inquiries, orders, and after-sales support.

Access Our Full Range of Hilco Vision Products

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Expansive portfolio of lens care and personal branding options.

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Practice-building eyewear accessories for everyday life.

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Prescription Eyewear

Comprehensive portfolio of work, sport, and UV protection eyewear.

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Lab & Dispensing

Original optical tools, equipment, and parts for eye care professionals.

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Ocular Surface

A complete family of dry eye products to meet the essential needs of eye health.

Exam Supplies

Exam Supplies

Essential pharmaceutical, medical, and surgical supplies for your practice.

Vision Testing

Vision Testing

From cuttin edge VR headsets to time tested acuity systems.

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